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PDH {Paul D. Hannah}

{Passion} {Commitment} {Love}

Paul D. Hannah is an award-winning writer, creative content producer, and director who is taking Hollywood by storm.  Hannah is President of Overflow Entertainment, a film production company, specializing in broad-based films and multimedia projects, which have unique story lines. He is a native of Los Angeles, California but went to college in Seattle, Washington before returning home. No stranger to the corporate world, he has served as an executive in multiple 9-figure Fortune 100 companies.

In 2008 when the market crashed, Hannah took 35k of his savings and funded his first solo venture feature film, ConSINSual. He used all working actors, no stars and shot the film in 8 days. The film was met with critical acclaim. He soon after signed a 4-pciture production deal and from that earned several studio and distribution deals.

Hannah approaches directing with a keen sense of story and character. As an accomplished writer, he understands the nuances, layers, and flow of storytelling. He meticulously crafts each project as a painter painting on an empty canvas. He is able to skillfully manage directing a project while at times having as little as five days to complete a full feature film.

As a producer, Hannah understands the business side of film-making and is well versed in budget creation, crewing, distribution, tax credits, theatrical releases, and marketing. Each of his many feature films have all received broadcast and digital distribution. He masterfully controls the budget of his film projects and often returns his investors 2-3x their initial investments. He likes to say he can “squeeze the copper out of a penny”. This is perfectly illustrated by the completed films, ranging from sub-micro budgets up to seven figure mini studio projects.

Hannah has been writing since the age of ten. He creates powerful characters and strong story themes that garner him praise and support from his fans. He has written, ghostwritten and co-written over 75 produced feature film scripts.

Musically, Hannah is right at home as a songwriter who has written for multiple platinum, Grammy-winning Gospel, Pop, and R&B artists. He treats his film audience with original songs and music on each of his films. “Music is woven into my DNA. I love to listen, write and meditate on this amazing art form as much as possible.”

In his spare time (which is rare), he donates his talents and energy to his non-profit organization DreamWatchers.org. There he teaches young adults the art of acting, directing and public speaking.

Hannah desires to partner with a like-minded artist who creates with passion, not ego. He is sought after by independent investors and studios alike. He is a proud family man and entrepreneur dedicated to leaving an artistic legacy for the next generation.